Colon Hydrotherapy Pricing and Packages (Cash/Check/MC/Visa/Discover/Diners Club INTL, JCB) Single Session (35-45 minutes)                $    90 Colonoscopy Prep (2  sessions)                $  180 3 Session Package*                                      $  255 6 Session Package*                                      $  500 10 Session Package*                                    $  800 (Best Value)                                                            Colon Hydrotherapy treatment packages * The large intestine is 5 feet long.  Generally one session will not clean     the entire length of the colon.  It is recommended that, after  your first     session, your second session should occur within a week.  A third session     may be optimal.  Those who are chronically constipated  may require     consecutive treatments.  All discount pricing packages are designed for     the same individual and  cannot be transferred to another  individual.  Cancellation Policy Appointments are secured weeks in advance, therefore, a full session fee is required without a 24 hour notice.   Abundant Health...from the inside out!