Made with Xara ”Your amazing compassion and commitment to the wellness of others has succeeded again... My shoulder is about 75% better ... And with your help, I've banished the thought that I have fallen behind schedule on my've reminded me again that my body can always heal.”                                                 David B. (Massage Therapy Client) Abundant Health...from the inside out! “I have never had a Colon Hydrotherapy appointment and must admit, I was very nervous.  Lee was great.  She took the time to address all of my concerns and fears.  I realized that most of the apprehension was in my head.  I felt so much lighter after the session and plan to come back for several more - Thanks Lee!”    Mary C (Colon Hydrotherapy Client) First, I must say, the office is amazing and very professional.  I could barely move my neck before I came for my first appointment with Lee.  She is amazing.  Every appointment, I felt better and better.  Now, I have a full range of motion on my neck and can enjoy all of the sporting activities I used to with my children.  I plan on coming for a hydrotherapy appointment soon - I didn’t even know this existed.  It takes a special person like Lee to be able to administer the procedure.  I trust her infatically.  My husband has also taken a liking to having a regular massage therapy treatment and I see the changes in him.”                                                                                     Catherine C. (Massage Therapy Client)