If you suffer from any of the symptoms below, Colon Hydrotherapy may be valuable for you. Indigestion          Irritable Bowel           Headaches                 Fatique             Bad Breath Constipation       Diarrhea                    Coated Tongue           Insomnia           Candida Overgrowth Poor digestion    Pot belly                    Bloating/colon gas      Allergies            Asthma Obesity               Insomnia                   Lack of energy            Depression       Memory Problems Clients often ask what the benefits of Colon Hydrotherapy offer.  I start by explaining one of the problems in America which include the standard American diet.  Unfortunately, our diet consists of refined junk foods, high-trans fat, low fiber, flour, fatty meats, alcohol, preservatives, and candy.  These are the primary reasons why our colon becomes unhealthy.  Toxins that are generated from accumulated waste matter in the colon are responsible for many imbalances that occur in the body.  These imbalances can lead to weight gain, poor digestion and other health problems. Little or no fiber in the American diet create toxins to be stored in the colon.  Poor diet, improper food combining and unhealthy food choices  make maintaining a healthy colon virtually impossible.  Virtually all weight challenges can be traced to imbalances in the colon and other parts of the digestive tract as either a contributor, or a secondary problem.  Through the circulatory system, toxins travel causing deterioraion to vital bodily functions.  It becomes increasingly harder for the body to properly metabolize food.  For many people, the signs of colon dysfunction are so much a part of everyday living, they simply do not suspect that their colon is in danger. Abundant Health...from the inside out!