Made with Xara Abundant Health...from the inside out! Special Service Pricing and Packages (Cash/Check/MC/Visa/Discover/Diners Club INTL, JCB) Ear Candling (1 hour)                                 $  75 Ear Candling (1/2 hour)                             $  45 Feng Shui Consultation                              $  270 initial hour Feng Shui (continued)                                $   81 per hour after 1st Law of Attraction Lifestyle Coaching      $   75 per hour Meditation With Audio CD                        $  45 per hour                                                     Ear Candling:  This is an ancient method used to cleanse and soften ear wax.  It can also align subtle energy in the upper body.  Ear candles are hollow tubes of gauze, dipped in wax that are placed safely into the ear canal.  Once lit with a match, a vacuum will occur that assists in pulling the wax out of your ear.  Clients state that they feel:  deeply relaxed, more meditative intuitive, calm and content, and able to hear better. Feng Shui Consultations:   Lee received her certification at the Metropolitan Institute of Design in 1999. ( She offers consultations to simplify the layers of Feng Shui by educating people about energy. Cancellation Policy Appointments are secured weeks in advance, therefore, a full session fee is required without a 24 hour notice.